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VIP Matterport Tours for Schools - Smoothing the transition to a new school.

The Problem

Multiple challenges face new pupils in schools[1] often leading to decreased grades and well-being. Many of these relate to longer term issues such as finding new friends, adjusting to greater workloads, fears of being bullied and changes in school regime.

However, a Nuffield supported study by UCL/Cardiff University[2] identified getting lost as the greatest source of anxiety for pupils prior to joining year 7 and still the 4th highest at the beginning of the term.

The VIP Solution

An online Virtual Tour allows prospective pupils to walk through the school long before term starts to familiarise themselves with the layout and important locations. Likewise during term they can pull up the tour to find the way thereby greatly reduving the fear of getting lost.

A VIP Matterport Virtual tour can also include QR codes around the physical building which when scanned will bring up a floorplan in the users phone, indicating current location.




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